Employer’s wage payments agreed

Mario Rankin, trading as Sail Inn, has reached a payment agreement with the Department of Labour and Pensions, Magistrate Adam Roberts heard on Monday.

Senior Crown counsel Nicole Petit explained that the department had accepted an offer of $600 per month as payment for wages due to employees in 2012-2013.

The matter first came to court in February 2014. No pleas were entered, but payment of $300 per month was subsequently offered.

Earlier this month, the Crown advised that a larger payment was sought because of the length of time the matter had been going on.

Ms. Petit said this week that the department had requested a review in three months time. The magistrate set Monday, July 24, as the defendant’s return date.

Wages had been calculated as due for hours worked and/or for vacation pay. Since 2014, $9,000 has been paid. The balance due was not mentioned, nor was it immediately clear from the charges.

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