Attempted murder charge sent to Grand Court

Ronald Truman Bodden of a Cayman Brac address appeared in Summary Court in Grand Cayman on Tuesday afternoon, charged with attempted murder.

He is accused of unlawfully attempting to cause the death of a named male on April 29.

An alternative charge laid against him was wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Bodden was also charged with simple wounding and refusing to provide a urine specimen for testing.

He was not represented by an attorney, so Magistrate Valdis Foldats appointed John Furniss as duty counsel to assist.

Senior Crown counsel Candia James objected to bail because of the seriousness of the charges.

Mr. Furniss queried whether Bodden might be bailed to an address in Grand Cayman, since the incident leading to the charges had occurred on the Brac.

The magistrate referred to another file, which indicated that Bodden owed an $800 fine which had been imposed in January and had not been paid. The alternative to paying was serving 46 days in default.

On that basis, Mr. Furniss said he would not apply for bail at this time, but would check further about the fine situation.

The magistrate transmitted the attempted murder and wounding with intent charges to the Grand Court, where they are to be mentioned on Friday, May 12, along with the wounding. The refusing charge will be mentioned in Summary Court.

Bodden was told of his right to apply for bail in the Grand Court.