The Cayman Islands Darts League just completed its second round of play, out of three. In the individual play, the male with the most perfect scores (180) is Hank Ebanks with two.

The top three men with the most scores of 100 are Richard Campbell with 61, Eugene De Guzman with 54 and Fabio Carletti with 52. The top three ladies with the most scores of 100 are Rosyl De Guzman with 29, Nida Jemina with 20 and Elvira Meighan with 16.

So far leading with the lowest darts game is Eugene De Guzman, who produced a game of 15 darts to complete 501. Chris Torrie completed the highest finish possible of 170, which is a score that can only be matched, not beaten. For the ladies high finish, Ashley Hardcastle hit a score of 109 to win her game.

After the second round, Team Poison Darts, captained by Fabio Carletti, is currently in first place.

Current team standings:

  • Poison Darts – 70pts
  • El Tusokero – 66pts
  • PHKY Killers – 62pts
  • Fidels – 58pts
  • Center Bulls – 50pts
  • Hammered Heads – 45pts
  • Bulls Eye – 27pts