Errington Webster, on trial for indecently assaulting a young teenage girl, said on Monday that he had counseled more than 50 children who were going through some emotional stress.

Webster took the witness stand after Crown counsel Darlene Oko closed the case for the prosecution. He has pleaded not guilty to three counts of indecent assault and one count of gross indecency.

Webster, 55, told the court that when he started running for political office in 2013, Bodden Town had in the range of 4,000 voters and a lot of buildings. He said he visited every one from the east side of Spotts-Newlands.

He said parents would tell them about their children’s stress and anger management and he would share his skills.

He explained that he had taken a course in “critical incident stress management” that was required for the position he was in with the Cayman Islands Fire Department, from which he was retired.

He also had certificates in interpersonal relationships and communications, he said.


Webster told the court that he helped people because he was concerned and he was a politician.

He said he was helping the girl who is the complainant in the charges against him. He tutored her in social studies and counseled her for acute or extreme emotional distress.

He agreed he gave her money, saying it was to motivate her and to build up her self-esteem. He agreed he told her he loved her, but it had nothing to do with sexual intimacy, it had to do with “unselfish caring.”

The conversations they had were part of his counseling strategy, he explained.

He denied any indecent touching.

Attorney Steve McField asked him specifically about a video, said to have been taken on June 25, 2016, showing him touching himself. He was asked if he had done so.

Webster replied, “That is not true. No such thing ever happened in my conscious mind. I would never perform such a nefarious act in the presence of a child.”

He said doing so would be evil, “and that’s not the type of person I am as a Christian.”

He said he learned about the video only after a man came to his house and attacked him. He said he was taken to hospital and received 14 stitches to his head. After he returned home, family members told him about the video. He had not known anything about it until then.

Account of video

He related what he said had happened when he was in his vehicle with the girl. He felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck. When he got home, he felt the pain again and found himself on the floor with the “car porch” door between his legs.

He said had been on a liquid fast at the time and had consumed juice when taking medication for hypertension and cholesterol that morning. He had been warned that the medication reacted with grapefruit juice, and he did not realize that his wife had mixed grapefruit juice into what he had consumed.

His wife had wanted him to go to the doctor “because I was acting like I was drunk,” he told the court.

He did not go to the doctor, but concluded that the juice interacted with his medication and “caused my mind to be in an awkward state.”

Webster was continuing to give his testimony at press time.

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