Defendant Errington Webster was questioned on Tuesday morning about a video that has led to a charge against him of gross indecency.

He has pleaded not guilty to that count, and not guilty to three counts of indecent assault of a girl who was 13 years old at the time.

The girl gave her evidence last week and told a jury of five women and two men that she took the video of Webster on her phone while she was with him in a vehicle. She said the indecent assaults had occurred previously. She said she had taken the video because if she was to accuse him of anything and did not have evidence, “then the whole case would be dropped.”

Crown counsel Darlene Oko asked Webster, 55, about the day the video was made – generally agreed to be June 25, 2016. She said that, by his evidence, Webster seemed to have a detailed recollection of what happened before the video and what happened after the video, but had a “memory gap” when it came to the video itself.

Webster agreed that the person in the video “appears to be me, yes, ma’am.”

Ms. Oko said the video showed him doing an intentional act of touching himself vigorously.

Webster replied, “That’s not fair to say because I don’t know anything about it.”

Ms. Oko asked about the speech heard in the video and suggested there was no slurring. “It doesn’t sound like me,” Webster replied.

He also pointed out that the video appeared to show him “performing a nefarious act with my left hand. That’s not me. I’m not a left-handed person. Something wasn’t right there.”

Ms. Oko had the video shown in court again. Justice Charles Quin and jurors saw it last week when the girl gave her evidence. This time, Ms. Oko asked Webster to show where he was acting “unconsciously.”

After the viewing, Webster said, “Whatever I was doing in that video, I don’t recall it.”

He did recall that when he was driving, the girl wanted him to stop at the house of a friend of hers. As he went down a certain road, she told him he had passed the house.

He stopped the vehicle with the intention of reversing. He felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck and the pain went into his head. The next thing he recalled was driving the girl back to her house.

When he got to his own home, he felt a similar pain and found himself sitting on the floor with the “car porch” door between his legs and he was trying to figure out how he got there. He got up and went to lie on his bed. He tried to monitor various WhatsApp groups he was in. He did not call a doctor or a family member.

Later that evening his wife treated him with home remedies.

Webster was still in the witness stand at the lunch adjournment and defense attorney Steve McField asked to postpone further questioning because expert witnesses were scheduled to give evidence Tuesday afternoon.

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