Police arrested a George Town man Wednesday in connection with a hit-and-run accident outside a political candidate’s meeting last month.

The suspect, who had not been charged as of press time, was arrested on suspicion of leaving the scene of an accident the night of May 9.

He remained in police custody at press time Thursday.

According to multiple witnesses the Cayman Compass spoke to last month, the man was revving a motorcycle and shouting curses outside Progressives party candidate Marco Archer’s meeting that night.

Following the obscene display, the motorbike driver sped off along Crewe Road away from the Progressives party headquarters and collided with a Cadillac near the intersection with Ella Ray Gardens.

The motorbike collision caused the Cadillac driver to strike a parked car on nearby Ella Ray Gardens Drive. The Cadillac’s driver suffered minor injuries. No one was in the Toyota.

Police did not locate the suspect until more than a month after the crash.

The incident occurred during last month’s heated political campaign and in what was perhaps the most hotly contested district of George Town Central. At the time of the disturbance, Premier Alden McLaughlin was speaking to the crowd gathered to support Mr. Archer.

Premier McLaughlin’s senior political adviser, Roy Tatum, said he was sitting outside the meeting in his car right behind the motorcycle driver when the incident occurred.

“I didn’t hear what he shouted, but he certainly was trying to disrupt the meeting, no doubt about it,” Mr. Tatum said.

The political adviser, who has been around a number of campaigns in the Cayman Islands, said he was disappointed to see such behavior at a public political meeting, adding his view that such occurrences are not the norm in Cayman.

“We don’t want politics to slip to that kind of level,” Mr. Tatum said.

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