Lawmakers setting a frugal example?

I was just trying to stay calm whilst reading of MLAs’ unconscionable “constituency allowances.” Just imagine that simple greed has prompted our “representatives” to share some $2.5 million of our money amongst themselves over the past four years, without having to account for how it was spent!

It is especially disappointing to note the disgraceful amounts of money claimed by our two Sister Islands representatives. They have apparently been collecting $15,000 between themselves each month, supposedly for constituency and “travel requirements.” This amounts to $720,000 over the last four years. Three-quarters of a million dollars on top of two already-inflated salaries is pretty good going for what is considered to be a part-time job!

I have a suggestion for the next four years, based upon the wonderful example set by our Premier in 2009, when he decided to forego his “constituency allowance.” If all of the MLAs withstood the temptation of greed and limited any “constituency needs” to a bare minimum, the country would save some $2.5 million over the next four years.

Has anybody an idea how this money could be better spent?

With respect to Moses and Juliana, isn’t it possible for Cayman Airways to simply give each one an annual “pass” for inter-island travel?

Brackers do not think kindly of Government frittering away money in an unnecessary, unmonitored fashion. I sincerely hope representatives, in exercising their Christian conscience, will simply claim a minimum monthly allowance for their negligible “constituency” needs going forward.

J.L. Bodden


  1. Mr Bodden , I completely agree with your analysis of wastefully spending of the Taxpayers money . I think your letter should be sent to the Premier for review and clarification of his decision .
    Then if no response from him on matter of such expensive travel allowance without accountability
    for two Officials are not rectified, then the Taxpayers should tell him this is how it will be done .

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