Front seats stolen from parked car

Dive instructor Drew McArthur returned to Grand Cayman over the weekend to find that thieves had stolen the front seats from his SUV.

Mr. McArthur, who went to Miami for five days, had left his Toyota Hilux parked in a lot next to the Compass Centre on Shedden Road, about a mile from the airport.

When he went to get his car after arriving on island around 9:45 p.m. Saturday, he discovered his car seats were missing. The thieves had smashed a small side window on the car to gain access.

The thieves left a wrench on the car floor and a cigar butt in the ashtray. The car’s stereo and a dog cage in the back of the car were not taken.

“I was absolutely shocked and amazed that someone would break into my car to steal the front seats and leave the stereo,” Mr. McArthur said.

“The whole thing is a nightmare. I had returned home from vacation to find that I had been robbed. Now I can’t drive my car until I buy replacement seats.

“I had heard that there was a spike in crime on the island but just thought that my car was so old that nobody would go to the trouble of breaking into it.”

Police say there have been a spate of car thefts throughout George Town in recent weeks.



  1. The check for these items may stop at the cargo customs department. I am sure they are well wrapped in duck tape and ready to go.
    Customs need to be vigilant in questioning items leaving the island without proper receipt.
    This is not the end of it you will come home one day and find your front and back door taken off the hinge too.

  2. Twyla

    Considering what they left behind this looks like stealing to order. I remember it being very common in the UK when people wanted to replace expensive parts like airbags and damaged seats. I’ve even seen cases where the complete engine and transmision was lifted from a parked car. I’ll bet anything you like these parts are not only still in the Cayman Islands but someone out there is now enjoying their nice new set of seats knowing exactly where they came from. Shipping the parts off island doesn’t make a lick of sense in this region. This is a local crime issue, not something you can try and blame on ex-pats.

  3. David obviously you don’t know the running’s, and I cant blame you for defending.. I have heard persons talking about driving cars in beach areas and stripping them for parts to send off island. The cars are all about set up on blocks in front of water Boys and other areas. I have heard persons talking about others who have even taken washing machines apart, steal construction tools , pack them in garbage containers and plastic and drums and shipped off island. As for Caymanians !! they don’t even want to drive old car much less swap parts..

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