A snorkel charter boat crashed into the ironshore in the Vista Del Mar area at the western end of the North Sound on Saturday night with seven people on board.

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Chief Inspector Raymond Christian said the craft, named the Mary Girl, was being piloted “at speed” into the governors creek channel from the North Sound around 9:15 p.m. when it crashed.

The boat ended up entirely out of the water on shore after the accident.

The captain, a 27-year-old man, suffered facial injuries and was taken to hospital, police said.

The other six people on the boat, including four teenagers, suffered “bumps and bruises” but were not seriously hurt, Mr. Christian said.


  1. I am very happy that no one was seriously hurt . But it surely shows that Captain didn’t have any boating experience . I wonder how many more like this Captain are operating Charter boats in Cayman islands today .

    I assume that it was dark when he was approaching and he didn’t have a spotlight , and he didn’t take any precautions to even know that he was approaching the land .
    When you’re operating a boat in the dark ,you must pay very close attention for what is coming a head of you , and have a good idea of your location/ position . Remember to take all safety precautionary measures when approaching land or reefs in the dark , but you must approach at idle speed , not at full speed you don’t give yourself no space for error .
    I think that this Captain should have to take a new Captain boating course before he take his next charter .

  2. We live in this area, the channel from the Yacht Club and Governor’s Harbor to the North Sound.

    The accident is no surprise and has been expected for years.
    The channel is clearly marked No Wake Zone 5mph. Yet many boats, especially commercial ones go at twice to three times that speed, not caring about people’s sea walls or the sensitive sea walls.

  3. A true story of seamanship and being alert . On one of my turtle fishing trips , we were traveling from Cayman to Nicaragua, and while the. boat was under power we always had a minimum of two crew on watch . This trip we found ourselves inside of a reef at night . How it was discovered at night that we were on the leeward side of a reef , was because the men who were on watch noticed that sea conditions had changed rapidly and reef was the only thing that could caused it in this location , then my dad was awaken and he stopped the boat , and then we turned on the depth finder a 5 pound lead weight attached to a long rope that was dropped over the side and when that hit the bottom it was pulled back and measured at the same time by holding on to the rope and opening your arms , that measurement is about 6ft , that’s how we safely anchored the boat that night in the dark .

    Those were days before high-tech navigation systems were available to us . All the navigational equipment we carried was a sexton , compass , charts and the lead weight depth finder , but it helped many fishing boats to make many successful trips those days .

  4. Ron Ebanks, i wanted to tell you that the captain was very trained. I rode on his boat 2 times for day trips. He told me about his boat and he is very experienced. His full time job is taking these trips out. He has drove this boat out everyday for years. At stingray city he is the stingray whisperer because he goes out everyday. He is a very nice guy!

  5. Jade Jasper ,
    How many times has this Captain taken his boat out at night ? How many years experience in operating a boat day and night , without a GPS does he have ? I have done many trips in the north sound in the dark , and in the day and in the rain to where I couldn’t see the land with only compass no GPS , and never did anything like what he with his boat . And tell someone about their boat doesn’t make him experienced Captain .

    • The two times i went out with this captain we came back at night. He has had many years of operating. You must understand it was an accident. You should be lucky this didn’t happen to you. I hope you know he is injured so feel sorry for him don’t go off about everything he might have done wrong. Imagine this happened to you. And he didn’t tell me about running his boat, just how long he has had it,etc.

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