A married couple and two others appeared in court Tuesday on charges relating to the shooting of two people outside a West Bay Road nightclub in the early hours of Feb. 4.

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Patrick Moran opened the Crown’s case against the four defendants Tuesday morning, telling the jury about incidents that led to the shootings..

Malik Mothen and his wife, Tashika Mothen, are charged with the attempted murder of Daniel Alexander Bennett.

They and Kashwayne Hewitt are charged with the attempted murder of Carlney Rashad Campbell on the same night in the same location.

The three also are charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm that night.

Mr. Moran explained that police investigation led to the West Bay residence of Daniella Tibbetts on Feb. 10. There, officers recovered a .45 caliber handgun from a toilet cistern. Tibbetts and Hewitt were charged for unlawful possession of the handgun. Hewitt has since pleaded guilty to possessing the gun without a license; the charge remains against Tibbetts and that is the only charge against her.

Mr. Moran said the attacks on Mr. Bennett and Mr. Campbell seemed to have come about because of a long-running dispute between Mr. Bennett and the Mothens. It seemed they held him responsible for the March 2015 shooting of Tashika Mothen at a George Town location near Jah T’s and School Lane. She believed she had been shot by friends of his.

On Feb. 3, Mr. Bennett went out with friends to celebrate his 29th birthday. The four defendants were also out that night.

Mr. Bennett saw the Mothens and some of their associates at the Power Supply Bar. By the time the bar closed, he was alone and became increasingly uneasy. He walked toward the Fete Night Club hoping to find someone to give him a ride home. He did not have any credit on his phone, but then remembered he could use WhatsApp on WiFi.

He called his cousin, Mr. Campbell, who agreed to come and pick him up.

When Mr. Campbell arrived, people were beginning to walk out of the nightclub and Mr. Bennett was confronted by Tashika Mothen.

What happened next is the subject of the trial, which is scheduled to last 10 days.

The Mothens are also charged with causing actual bodily harm to Mr. Bennett and Mr. Campbell. They are further charged, along with Hewitt, with causing grievous bodily harm to Mr. Campbell with intent to cause such harm.

Tashika Mothen is also charged with making a threat to kill another person, who was not present at the time.

She is represented by attorney Amelia Fosuhene and lead counsel Icah Peart. Her husband is represented by attorney Prathna Bodden and lead counsel Jacob Hallam. Counsel Paul Hynds is instructed by attorney John Meghoo on behalf of Hewitt. Attorney Crister Brady represents Tibbetts. Mr. Moran is assisted by Crown counsel Eleanor Fargin.”

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