Charges relating to importation of ammunition and possession of unlicensed firearms were sent to Grand Court on Wednesday when defendant David Dean Meadors appeared before Magistrate Grace Donalds.

Meadors, an American citizen who was building a retirement home in Cayman Brac, was ordered to return to the higher court on Friday, Aug. 18.

Attorney Ben Tonner, who appeared with attorney Laura Larner on Meadors’s behalf, said the importation charge was a category A offense, which meant it could not be dealt with in the Summary Court.

Since the other charges were related, they also could be committed to the Grand Court, he indicated.

Meadors first appeared in court on Monday, July 10, after customs officers found 240 rounds of 9-millimeter ammunition when they were examining a container of goods that had been shipped to the Brac.

A search of Meadors’s residence there revealed the presence of a Glock 9mm handgun, a Smith & Wesson BB gun and BBs.

In her application for bail, Ms. Larner had clarified certain points in the Crown’s summary of the case. She explained that Meadors, 52, was hard of hearing.

Therefore, when he was asked if he had any firearms, he said no because he thought the question was about what was in the container.

Later, at the police station, Meadors was asked again and he said he had one. Ms. Larner said he did not mention the BB gun because it was not in working order.

He was granted bail initially with conditions that included a $100,000 charge on his Brac property and three Caymanian sureties in the sum of $23,000. He was also required to wear an electronic monitor and observe a 24-hour curfew at a hotel on Grand Cayman.

This week Mr. Tonner asked that his client be allowed to change his address to another location on Grand Cayman and he provided the proposed address, which the magistrate approved.

He also asked that the 24-hour curfew be modified so that Meadors could come to the attorney’s office for consultations.

Senior Crown counsel Candia James did not object, but suggested that the defendant be required to give advance notice to the electronic monitoring service. The magistrate made this a condition of varying the bail.

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