50 years ago: Lady Agar moving to Grand Cayman

In the July 26, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Frances Bodden reported in the George Town Notebook:

“An Air Jamaica Heron arrived from Kingston on the 18th, bringing several passengers who were on the waiting list. Among them was Lady Agar [widow of Sir Arthur K. Agar, Chief Justice of British Honduras] who came on a week’s visit to see about her house which is being built in George Town. She hopes to return in August to take up permanent residence.

“Mr. and Mrs. Harry Arch returned from Tampa on the 17th after attending their son’s wedding. They were accompanied by their daughter, Mrs. Robert Jones, her husband and two children. It is hoped that their television set which they have brought will be successful. We welcome Mrs. Carolyn Goodman, her daughter Ann and baby who are here on a brief visit.

“Mr. and Mrs. Charley Duty (Mrs. Duty formerly Norma Creighton of Spotts) and charming family are on a brief visit with relatives Miss Star Creighton of Spotts and Mrs. Arthur Bodden. It is hoped that their stay will be most happy.

“Mrs. Wm. Bodden and son Craig are on a visit to Miami.

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“Arrivals from North on the July 17 were: Mrs. Alfred DaCosta, formerly Gwen Bodden, and grandson Mr. Eddie Hillary and his wife who are on a holiday with relatives. Mr. Ellington Bodden, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Royal Bodden, Sr.; Mr. Mitch Miller; Rev. and Mrs. John Lord and Toni who enjoyed their week’s holiday at Ft. Myers, Florida; Miss Olive Bush of South Sound; Miss Dorothy Bush from new York; Miss Aline Merren; Mr. David Arch and Jill Bodden.

“South bound passengers on the 17th: Mr. and Mrs. P. Forrestal and children Jonathan, Rosalind and Celia to Gloucestershire, England. Mr. Forrestal has been in charge of the installation of Cable & Wireless in the Cayman Islands. Mrs. John Elliott and daughter Sheila; Miss Joan Clark, teacher at the Government Primary School, George Town, on holiday in Jamaica, who was accompanied by Mrs. Theoline Wellington; Mr. and Mrs. Victor Newman and daughter Christine; Mr. Lumsden and Mrs. Neville Williams; Master Wm. Prendergast Jr. and sister Loretta of New York who are spending their summer holiday in Cayman with relatives, were in company with Mrs. Lorene Haywood; we wish Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Kelly and son Robert a most enjoyable holiday in England. They were accompanied by little Miss Susan Merren, eldest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. T.H.E. Merren, who will spend four months with her aunt Mrs. Joan Philips and her family. This trip should prove most beneficial for her.

“Miss Sandra Kingsford from England, who was at one time secretary to Mr. Chas. Gordon, 4th Clerk, House of Commons, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Webb and son Christopher are the guests of Mrs. D.V. McLaughlin of South Sound.”

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