What’s described as a “pilot” project aimed at better tracking prison officers’ attendance at Her Majesty’s Prisons Service in Cayman may eventually be extended to the entire government, Ministry of Human Resources officials confirmed last week.

Request for proposal documents went out earlier this month seeking private sector bids for a new software system for the prisons service and its approximately 160 employees.

“The objective is to supply and implement a system that will track time and attendance,” bid documents reviewed by the Cayman Compass stated.

The deadline for bid submissions on the project is Aug. 11.

The main Cayman Islands government office building on Elgin Road already uses a card monitoring system to track civil service employees’ attendance, but according to bid records, that tracking software does not integrate properly with the government payroll system – the Oracle E-Business Suite.

“The Cayman Islands government currently uses two bespoke [custom-made] software systems to track time and attendance,” the bid records state. “These systems no longer meet the needs of some of the more complex organizations in the government, being outdated, non-integrated and relaying on manual calculations for key processes.”

Bidders are asked to submit a fixed price for installation and implementation of the system at the prisons service.

Ministry of Human Resources chief officer Wesley Howell said Premier Alden McLaughlin’s ministry is driving the project, even though prisons now fall under the separate government Ministry of Home Affairs, because of the governmentwide HR issues it seeks to resolve.

“The ultimate goal is to find a system that will work efficiently and effectively across many departments within the government,” Mr. Howell said.

Since it opened in spring 2011, the government administration building has had the ability to monitor and record building access for individual employees through the cards they use to enter the building.

Building managers said at the time that government chief officers found the system “particularly useful” for following up on cases where a specific employee’s attendance is a concern.

The system is able to provide reports listing the time an employee arrives and exits the building. More detailed reports may track an employee’s movement throughout the building at times and can be synchronized with CCTV video cameras inside the building.

The new attendance system being tested at the prisons service seeks to provide similar functions, but it is also intended to integrate with the Oracle payroll system so less time is spent on manual processing of attendance.

Another problem with any employee tracking software used in the main administration building is that not all government entities, including statutory authorities and government-owned companies, operate out of that location.

A number of large government organizations, including the 400-plus member Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, the 200-plus member Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and the 160-plus member Immigration Department still maintain their own offices outside of the central administration building. The prisons service also maintains multiple secure sites outside the government building for its operations.


  1. Now this is very sad and Pathetic that employees can’t be trusted and that employer has to go such expenses to be accountable for employees time at work .
    I think that this could be a easy fix . Prison employees jobs are at the Prison , put a time clock that requires your fingerprint , and all employees must clock out and in take a 15 minute break every 4 hours of their 8 hrs shift and have to clock out and in for a half hour lunch break , if you don’t use the time clock you don’t get paid . This time clock is linked to the accountants office for pay rolls , but this system would show everything about any employee time at work .

  2. Here we have a good suggestion my other comment , that would keep employees honest and save you the taxpayers money . Why would you that disagree think that my suggestion is not a good way to fix the problem . Are you part of the problem and don’t want it fixed ? If you are going to help fix the problem , you just don’t disagree without offering your suggestion to fix the problem . Or is this the new Cayman islands way to fix problems , disagree with no solutions .

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