The Cayman Islands public healthcare system is bracing for rapidly increased demand over the next 20 years as chronic health problems in the islands get worse and aging health facilities become outdated.

The Health Services Authority recently put out bids for private sector interests to help it create a 20-year master plan as the “primary source of healthcare services to all residents in the Cayman Islands.”

“The master plan will serve as both a broad roadmap for steering future development within a context of aging infrastructure, a growing population and the prevalence of chronic illness driving a need for an increase in clinical services,” request for proposal documents released in late July stated.

Some of the figures in the documents that identify the potential for Cayman’s population growth and corresponding increases in illness are staggering. For instance, the bid records note that Cayman’s estimated population increased from about 38,400 in 1999 to 60,413 in 2015 – a 57 percent increase in 16 years.

Future population trends calculated in government-commissioned reports showed increases would continue, with the lowest calculated growth rate – about 2 percent per year – putting the islands’ population at 79,000 by 2026 and a 4 percent growth placing it at nearly 120,000.

As the population grew over the past decade, government analysts noted a rise in chronic disease reported to health authorities.

Between 2006 and 2016, government records indicate the total number of hypertension cases grew by 85 percent, diabetes by 65 percent, chronic lung disease by 86 percent and cancer cases by 126 percent.

The incidence of mental disorders in the islands grew by 67 percent.

In 2012, the government Ministry of Health predicted that by 2020, heart disease, cancer and diabetes would account for 60 percent of the illnesses in the Cayman Islands. At the time, the ministry noted that 37 percent of teenagers in the islands were classified as “overweight or obese” and were likely to face future health risks.

“Our national health systems will be severely stressed and there be will significant negative economic and social consequence,” the report noted.

In addition, a comprehensive review of the Cayman Islands health system completed last year by the auditor general’s office noted that chronic illness rates in the islands may be “masked” by a large influx of relatively young and relatively healthy work permit holders in the islands. These non-Caymanian workers, who cannot come to work here unless they are in relatively good health, could make reported percentages of chronic illness in the local population look smaller, auditors found.

Against this backdrop, the existing islands’ public health facilities – the Cayman Islands Hospital, Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac and the district health clinics – were all built between the 1970s and the 1990s, during a time when Cayman’s overall population was far less.

“The aging … infrastructure of [these] facilities have led to ongoing building performance and maintenance issues where major upgrading and/or replacement [is] required,” the bid documents state.

While two new health facilities have opened on Grand Cayman in recent years, including the 104-bed Health City Cayman Islands medical center, the Health Services Authority anticipates it will remain the “predominant healthcare provider” in the islands over the next two decades.

The successful bidder will create a master plan determining critical clinic service needs through 2026, the optimization of existing public healthcare facilities and the level of financial investment needed for public healthcare.

Bids for the health services master plan are due Sept. 8.


  1. Don’t you think our first effort should be to better educate our population on exercise, healthy eating and all that it entails instead of preparing for an influx of chronically ill?! We’re obese and overweight because of horrendous eating habits and a complete lack of exercise, cancer can also be a result of these behaviours – it’s way past time that we dealt with these issues.

  2. I wonder if Government is thinking about all these problems that is about to explode . Here we have problems with over population , hypertension , and many other problems . Are Government thinking about what is causing these problems ? And how to correct them and avoid them . Remember that Cayman islands are only so big and can only house so many . Where is the study that says that Cayman islands can handle this planed population influx ?

  3. Modern medicine doesn’t know what to do with chronically ill, even though it excellent at providing emergency care.
    Most doctors still believe that low fat/salt diets are healthy. That sunlight causes skin cancers and sunscreens and sunglasses are essential. They don’t believe that overexposure to artificial blue light is one of the main causes of people’s health degradation. I am not even going to mention EMF, despite the fact that “Humans have altered their electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of their environment. It is estimated that in 2012, the radio waves that surround our planet today is one billion times the amount that naturally reaches us from our sun!” (Jack Kruse) .
    For starters CIG should mandate “sun breaks” for their employees, 5 minutes of sun exposure every 1-2 hours. It is FREE. Having an infra-red saunas for the employees could be another step to take. Inviting Dr.Jack Kruse for a presentation would be priceless (if they are lucky). He would blow your hair back a bit. And he backs up everything he says with hard core data.

    Here are jus few articles that are starting to appear in mainstream media:
    • “Morning daylight exposure tied to a good night’s sleep”
    • “Impact of Windows and Daylight Exposure on Overall Health and Sleep Quality of Office Workers: A Case-Control Pilot Study”
    • “Exposure to Natural Light Improves Workplace Performance”
    • “How To Use Natural Light To Your Advantage In The Office”

    Sadly, being a hospital nurse (and a dentist) might be the most unhealthy jobs in the world. The amount of EMF they are exposed to is mind blowing. CIG can at least provide EMF shielding clothing for their hospital staff.

  4. This post directly relates to the the above article.

    You can ignore it, but it won’t disappear. You have been warned.

    “ENVIRONMENT REALITY: As soon as your power company or local utility or Verizon/ATT/GOOGLE/MSFT upgrades their networks for electric power or communications in your area they do not need to notify anyone. As soon as the TV station installs 5 G doppler radar or a 5 G enabled smart meter and you don’t know about it, but your mitochondria will sense the bidirectional RF/microwaves they emit. Soon you’ll be in a physician’s office sick with a mitochondrial disease that “seemingly” showed up out of no where. The light and electricity they put around you is slowed down in you in different ways than sunlight is and creates a cornucopia of new free radicals that turn molecules in you into something new that cannot work in your cells. That is why bent proteins are see in brain diseases. As soon as your new neighbor moves in and is an electrical engineer or DJ and adds 12 routers from Comcast to your living area he does not tell you. The power company does not have to tell anything in this country about selling your buying data for power. But guess what……….the alien light is there affecting your mitochondria, which create that cadre of free radicals, whether you realize it or not that cause diseases that now confound doctors. This is Quantum reality of the modern world 101. This flick is just the tip of the iceberg I warn people about………….when are you going to do something about protecting yourself????” Jack Kruse
    Must see documentary, 5 awards winner, “Take back your Power”.

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