H is for Heritage: Cayman A-Z teaches about islands’ story

Savannah-based author Karen Chin, known by the pen name EK Jasmine, finds inspiration in family friendly literature, fiction and non-fiction books that she can share with children.

“It means that if I’m reading and my daughter walks in the room and wanted me to read it to her, I wouldn’t have to say, ‘It’s not yours to read,’ or ‘You can’t read it right now,’” Ms. Chin said.

“So I’m always interested in family because it helps the family to grow. If I can share it and you can share it, it means that one more reader is available in this world.”

Karen Chin, known as EK Jasmine, hopes her Cayman-themed children’s book will teach young Caymanians about their heritage.

Her latest children’s book, “Cayman Islands A-Z,” was written with that young audience in mind.

The idea of a Cayman-themed book first occurred to Ms. Chin during a trip to Alaska, where she saw the “Alaska ABCs” and later the “Victoria ABCs.” She decided Cayman deserved a version of its own.

She hopes the book will not only teach the alphabet, but also help educate young Caymanians about their national heritage.

“I’m excited about it. It’s the fact that when I asked a child to name a national hero, they would say, ‘Do we have national heroes?’ Then I know we need to get something instilled in schools from a young age that they can carry on,” Ms. Chin said.

She already has the approval of one young reader from her church, Gabriela Harper, 6, who visited the Cayman Compass office with her mother and Ms. Chin to read from the book.

“When I started working on editing in my office, she was visiting her mom there. She picked up the book and she read it and read it, and asked, ‘Can I have it?’” Ms. Chin said.

“She started from A and got to ‘L for Lighthouse’ and said, ‘Can I keep this?’ I was excited because if a child is excited for a book like that you know something is there.”

The book will be for sale through CLM Publishing, in print and as an e-book. Ms. Chin hopes the it will reach local primary schools as well.

Ms. Chin is the editor of Christian Lifestyle Magazine and CLM Publishing. Christian Lifestyle Magazine will celebrate its 10th year next year. CLM Publishing has operated for eight years.

She is also an organizer of the Cayman Islands’ Literary Awards, now entering its third year.

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