Tuesday night comedy club brings biweekly laughs

Anyone looking for a bellyful of laughs and a gaggle of guffaws should shimmy over to the Strand Entertainment Complex on Tuesday nights for the Tuesday Comedy Show. The next date is Aug. 22 with Frank Del Pizzo headlining the evening.

International headliners

Relatively new on the nightlife scene, the fortnightly show is proving to be very popular with locals and visitors alike. International comedians feature, with an impressive lineup having already taken part in the series such as Karl Anthony, Mike Rivera and Kevin White among others.

Karl Anthony has appeared on Comedy Central, opened for an array of headlining comedians including Jay Leno, Tim Allen and Ellen DeGeneres, and worked in films with Jimmy Fallon, John Travolta, Salma Hayek and others.

Longtime teacher and now comedian Mike Rivera brought a vivacious performance to Cayman’s stage. Not surprising, as ABC’s “The View” named him “America’s Most Hilarious Teacher” in a nationally-televised comedy competition.

Bostonian Kevin White describes himself as a wounded veteran of two disastrous marriages, and has a unique and hilarious outlook on life. He has enjoyed bit parts on HBO, a major role in the motion picture “The Investigator” and sung the blues with Al Roker on NBC’s “The Today Show.” White entertained the crowds at the Strand at the beginning of July.

Other comedians to have graced the Comedy Show’s stage include Myke Herlihy, Dean Napolitano, Kojo Prince and the hilarious James Yon.

Frank Del Pizzo

Frank Del Pizzo came from the real world to the comedy stage. Ten years as an auto mechanic left Del Pizzo ready to let the people know what he was thinking. He is basically a breath of fresh air in a business that is full of hot air, making people laugh with his true-to-life stories and attitude.

Frank Del Pizzo, hailing from New Jersey, is the headliner for the next Tuesday Comedy Club.

Frank Del Pizzo has entertained a wide variety of diverse crowds and has opened for legendary comedians such as Don Rickles, Sam Kinison, Dave Chappelle, Lewis Black and Brian Regan. Likeable and friendly, this New Jersey native is able to take an audience on a journey that makes them feel like they have just had a wild ride in the back seat of his car.

Frank Del Pizzo lives his dream every time he steps on the stage. From Las Vegas to TV’s ABC and A&E, he has traveled the country and the world delivering laugh after laugh wherever he goes. His unique ability to turn ordinary conversations into hilarious comedy routines has made him a highly sought after act by the nation’s top comedy clubs, colleges and corporations.

Del Pizzo loves what he does, and it shows. His sharp, original comedic nature and quick wit make him a tough act to follow.

Big Kahuna

Mike ‘Big Kahuna’ Powell is the host of the show, displaying his wide range of talents and years of experience as a comedian.

Opening the show is Cayman’s comedy stalwart, Mike “Big Kahuna” Powell, who has had a long run on the island’s comedy scene. He has entertained guests over the years through Chuckles Comedy Club and at Morritt’s Tortuga, Margaritaville, and numerous other venues. The larger-than-life personality has opened for such celebrity acts as Ellen Degeneres, Carrot Top and Larry the Cable Guy, and so provides an excellent start to an evening of hilarity.

Admission to the Tuesday Comedy Show is $25. The show begins at 8:30 p.m. and runs until 10:30 p.m. For more information, visit the Facebook page at whiskeymistcayman.