Bound female sea turtle rescued from poachers in West Bay

A female turtle was found tied up and ready for poachers in West Bay.

A female sea turtle was rescued from poachers Wednesday night after a conservation officer discovered her tied up in the sand in West Bay.

Officer Chadd Bush reported coming across the scene, where three men had the turtle tied, flipped on her back and ready to load into a gold pickup truck.

When Mr. Bush approached, the men fled the scene.

Officers and interns then freed the turtle from her bindings, tagged her and released her to the water.

Another DoE officer lamented on Facebook, “When will people learn that these lovely creatures need to be left alone and admired, not eaten into extinction? We really appreciate the public’s help on what we do.”

Anyone who is aware of turtle meat being bought or sold illegally can call in an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers on 800-TIPS. Crimes in progress should be called in to 911.


  1. I guess that the poachers would be prosecuted for this one , sense it happened at the opposite end of the Island, and clear cut case knowing the colour of the truck and how many poachers .
    The East End poachers still under investigation , or are they forgotten about ? Like I said before no prosecution the poaching will continue .

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