50 Years ago: Kendal Ryan Jr. promoted to manager of Buccaneer’s Inn

Lilian Ritch, the Sister Islands correspondent for The Caymanian Weekly, a precursor to the Cayman Compass, wrote the following article in the “Cayman Brac Calling” section of the Aug. 23, 1967 edition:

“Mr. and Mrs. Anton Foster are very happy to announce they have promoted Mr. Kendal Ryan Jr. (Kenny) to be Manager of the Buccaneer’s Inn.

“The Fosters are proud to give this credit to a local boy. Kenny has assisted them in the management of the hotel since 1965. Of reliable and unassuming character, he is popular among guests. His artistic talent has shone through in assistance to Mrs. Grace with design and décor and he is an excellent water sportsman. Kenny is the eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Kendal Ryan of Stake Bay.

“At the Buccaneer’s Inn, welcome home to Mrs. Grace Foster and to her brother, wife and son, Charles, Lois and Chuck, who visited for a week. We were also glad to have with us again Mrs. Marjorie O’Meari, scuba diver of Houston, Texas.

“Mr. Wm. Bodden of Pascagoula, Miss., who is affiliated with Mr. A.F. Dantzler’s Shipping Asscs., was very thrilled to be on Caymanian soil when he arrived at Stake Bay on Friday 11th with the Oil Rig Tenders ‘Dantzler Ocean Springs’ and ‘Dantzler Biloxie.’ The vessels called by the Brac for the 7 men who have joined the company and were bound for New Guinea.

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“Fishing pals Geoff Rutty, Robert and John Hurlston and Gary Foster of Stake Bay had a big thrill on Thursday 9th, when they landed a 7’ 2” black shark having a wounded dorsal fin, on the bay behind their homes. This shore is their fishing ground and Geoff reports that since the accident which befell Antonio Hawkins they had seen this particular shark several times and set their lines for him. On Thursday night they pulled him in. A set line got another, a small yellow shark early Monday morning.

“It is said when the temperature drops below 85 degrees the sharks come in close to shore. During the past weeks our thermometers have registered 91 degrees and more.

“We were glad to have home for 2 days Miss Mary Lou Hayes, Lab and X-ray Technician of G.C. Hospital. Mary Lou made a quick trip to Canada to obtain her visa for permanent residence in Canada, which she hopes to take up next year and go further in her profession. She enjoyed visiting Expo ’67. Her parents Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hayes enjoyed somewhat of a family reunion with visits at the same time from brothers of Mobile, Ala., Mr. Claude Hayes, retired Bosun of Waterman’s and Alco Steamship Co., and Mr. Vernon who is Rigging Foreman of the Waterman’s Co’s Dry Docks for the past 15 years. Welcome and come again.

“Welcome home to the Banks brothers Burnstein and Floyd and to Mansfield Connolly, who arrived recently.

“Good sailing to Osley Scott, Emil Dixon and Loughford Tatum of Spot Bay, and Roosevelt Bodden, Elmer Ebanks and Lloyd Bodden of West End who have gone to join the Jim Pet.

“There has been quite an influx of ‘homesters’ from the U.S.A. and we welcome one and all. Among them, Capt. and Mrs. Alderman Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Burke Ryan, Maureen and Marguerite, Miss Connie Watler.

“Congratulations to our local police officer on apromotion received beginning of this month. He is now Sgt. Rudolph Evans.”

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