Government expects to go out to tender on the long-discussed cruise pier project by the end of next month, Premier Alden McLaughlin said this week.

New piers that can accommodate Oasis-class mega cruise ships remain a priority for government, despite the new personnel in the administration following the May election – including some vocal opponents of the project.

Mr. McLaughlin in his strategic policy statement to the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday listed the delivery of a modern cruise pier and cargo port among the key infrastructure priorities over the next four years.

He said work had been progressing to redesign the piers to reduce the amount of coral that would need to be dredged to build the facility, which will be able to accommodate four cruise ships.

He said preliminary designs and cost estimates were complete, though he did not give a figure for the expected cost of the project.

“Prequalification of bidders and negotiations with cruise lines are ongoing as well as is the preparation of bid documents, with a projected tender issue date at the end of September, 2017,” he added.

The Premier said the project would also involve enlarging the cargo facilities, which he described as “key to our economic development.”

He said, “The ability to accept larger ships will reduce shipping costs and consequently reduce the cost of goods bought locally. It will also allow fresh fruit and produce to be brought in directly from Central America by ships that now pass us by for Florida.”

The Premier also referenced possible plans to make Cayman a “transshipment port” for perishable cargo out of Central America.

“We will see how this develops, but at the moment the potential is certainly welcomed and will be pursued.”


  1. This is one of those, “I’ll believe it when I see it” news stories. It would be a wonderful addition to Cayman, and so welcoming
    to cruise passengers, to disembark their ship and walk onto an up to date cruise ship pier, and be able to shop in first class and UNIQUE stores. Sadly neither will happen. ALL TALK and squawk.

  2. Norway’s “economic miracle” and how it deals with it, so future generations would have equal opportunity to participate and benefit from it.

    Norway has $960 billion Sovereign Wealth Fund.
    Few facts.

    -The fund invests …for future generations.

    -The fund has grown so large that it is two-and-a-half times the size of the Norwegian economy. Its size is equivalent to $185,000 for each man, woman and child in Norway.

    -only 3 percent of the fund’s value to be used for national budgets.

    How does The Cayman Islands deals with “economic miracle”? Spend, spend, spend it NOW.

    The Cayman Turtle Farm got a whooping amount- 22.5mil. You can’t make it up.

    How much goes into Reserves and Emergency preparedness funds?

    How did it happen that no one in the CIG seems to have any wisdom, vision and understands economics? What new Ministers of all sorts are going to do? Spend, spend and spend …..

    What are economic benefits of proposed agency that would support firefighters to perform at their best? This one sounds like a crutch to a crippled person.
    What are economic benefits of teacher’s pay increase? Only 7 percent of students pass math exam re-sits, as we know.

    What are the qualification of the Minister of Education?

    As a comparison, Florida Commissioner (Florida Department of Education’) Pam Stewart holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education/Early Childhood,Master of Education in Counselor Education, served as Deputy Superintendent for Academic Services in St. Johns County, Deputy Chancellor for Educator Quality, nearly 40 years in education from as a school teacher to principal at both the elementary and high school levels.

  3. ‘New piers that can accommodate Oasis-class mega cruise ships remain a priority for government.’ Yet there’s absolutely no evidence that the itineraries for these ships will change if the dock is built. In fact their current Caribbean operating profile relies on time at sea and stops at dedicated facilities like Falmouth to generate income rather than than the old-fashioned island hopping. ‘If we build it, they will come’ only works in the movies. Has anyone at CIG actually asked the cruise lines what their future plans are?

  4. Georgetown infrastructure will never be able to handle these so called mega ships.
    We have video proof that cruise ship berthing causes daily catastrophe silting from these ships prop wash.
    Who has $300 million to support this no return on this investment?
    Then , there 100% proof that our enviromental reefs will be destroyed in dredging and then the surrounding reef will suffocate from the silting.
    These politicians what this disaster on their watch?

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