Visitors are grateful for bystander’s aid

The day of the [British Navy] Beach landing behind the Governor’s house [on July 7], my wife and I were on a snorkel dive just before the landing. We exited the water due to a bleeding hand injury my wife incurred. There was a man we understand to be named Junior, was wearing a Big Daddy’s crew shirt, who came to our rescue with his company supplied First Aid Kit.

This was much appreciated by us and a shining example of the character of the friendly people of Grand Cayman, and why we return to your island as often as possible. Junior and Big Daddy’s should be commended for his action and the fact that he had a First Aid Kit in the first place. If you find this worthy please print it as a thank you.

Richard and Sandy Prickett


Editor’s note: We were pleased to read the Prickettses’ letter describing the kind gesture that was extended to them while visiting Cayman.
One of our editors was able to track down the identity of “Junior” – his name is Junior Russell and he works at CDG, which is affiliated with Big Daddy’s – to share the Prickettses’ words of thank you, and our own.


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