A second Canadian cannabis company has exported therapeutic oils to the Cayman Islands, adding to a growing list of international producers interested in entering the island’s recently legalized medical marijuana sector.

Toronto-based Cronos Group announced this week that its wholly owned licensed producer, Peace Naturals Project Inc., sent its first shipment of medical cannabis oils to the islands through Caribbean Medical Distributors Ltd.

The buyer, an affiliate of Professional Pharmacy Services Ltd., located in CTMH Doctors Hospital, is the same one that imported 3.42 U.S. gallons of cannabis oils in May from Saskatchewan-based CanniMed Therapeutics.

Cronos Group did not specify how much oil it sold to the Cayman Islands buyer.

The group’s grower, Peace Naturals Project, recently built a commercial oil production lab in Canada that is expected to become fully operational this month after approval from Health Canada. The producer is also working on a 28,000-square-foot greenhouse for low-cost cannabis extraction and a 1,200- square-foot pharmaceutical-grade extraction lab.

Cannabis oils have also been imported to the Cayman Islands from Jamaica, including from Cayman-owned and Jamaica-based Lion’s Garden.

Although the Cayman Islands government legalized medicinal cannabis oils and pastes in October 2016, the products are not approved for production in Cayman.

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