An old George Town neighborhood is slated for a makeover this month. Homeowners from East Boulevard and Apollo Link, off Walkers Road, are planning a mass cleanup and revitalization of the area throughout September.

Neighbors hope to breath life back into the streets through home beautification, landscaping, manicuring and removing large trees, painting fences and buildings, placing speed bumps and unblocking drainage.

A sign will be erected to officially identify the area as East Boulevard and Apollo Link, and shine a light on the neighborhood, where many older Caymanians reside.

“As with many of the older neighborhoods throughout the islands, the residents who were once hardworking Caymanians, who were veterans, seamen and solid contributors to society, are now aged and are either too ill to care for their once beautiful yards themselves or simply do not have the help to do so,” said organizer Tonya Mitchell in a press release on the initiative.

The revitalization plan includes enhancing police presence and implementing a neighborhood watch to maintain the low crime rate.

Organizers hope to work with the Department of Children and Family Services to improve elder care, and is seeking the help of local businesses to provide expertise and assistance.

According to organizers, MLA Barbara Conolly will be taking part in a cleanup in the area on Saturday to show her support.

Those interested in contributing should contact Ms. Mitchell at [email protected]

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