Cayman Airways announced Tuesday morning that it will be resuming its regularly scheduled flights to Miami and Tampa immediately. Both Miami International Airport and Tampa International Airport announced Monday afternoon that they will be resuming normal operations on Tuesday.

Cayman Airways also announced that air traffic control services have returned to normal at Jamaica’s Norman Manley International Airport, which means that all regularly scheduled flights to Kingston are now able to operate as scheduled.

Cayman Airlines’ regularly scheduled flights to Miami – KX102, KX103, KX106 and KX107 – will be operated with the larger 737-800 aircraft to accommodate additional passengers affected by the airport closures related to Hurricane Irma.

The previously scheduled recovery flights for Tampa – KX3200 and KX3201 – will operate as scheduled.

Passengers are reminded that various curfews are in effect in several Florida cities and those local laws may affect their ability to reach their preferred destinations after arrival into Tampa and Miami.

Customers with reservations for travel to/from these destinations are reminded to confirm by calling Cayman Airways Reservations on 345-949-2311 or 1-800-422-9626 (toll free in the USA).

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