West Bay grandparents celebrated at church event

Grandparents in the West Bay community were all smiles recently when Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church recognized the vital role they play in the lives of their children and grandchildren.

Pink and blue balloons decorated the church and the pews were filled with grandparents and grandchildren dressed in their finest pinks and blues, as “Ancient of Days,” “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “Hallelujah Praise Jehovah” were sung by the Paise and Worship team.

More than 36 grandparents ranging in age from 40 to 80 enjoyed the worship in the church, and food and entertainment in the church hall.

“Grandparents Day is an international event of the calendar. Every year the Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church has many events, and we take pride in honouring our grandparents as they have and continue to play an important role in our church, community and family life,” said church member Eziethamae Bodden.

The children distributed gifts and prizes to the grandparents. Varion Ebanks, 89, received a prize for being the oldest grandfather, and Nelba Ebanks, 76, for being the oldest grandmother.

In their early 40s, Allon Powery, Darley Powery, Bridgette Powery and Ella K. Ebanks received gifts for being the youngest grandparents.

Rupert and Victoria Ebanks received the prize for being the “Longest Married Couple” at 60 years.

Rudy and Elvia Powery, married for 46 years, and Creston and Dolcy Powery, married for 44 years, also received gifts.

Grandfathers Rupert Ebanks, Carlon Powery, Henderson Hunte, Langlie Powery, Darley Powery, Creston Powery and grandmothers Koneray Miller, Ester Rivers, Judy Powery, Ingrid Ebanks and Ella K. Ebanks were rewarded for their involvement with the church.

“It is great to be honored and it shows the great respect they have for us grandparents,” Nelba Ebanks said.