Letter: Why focus on Sunday liquor sales?

Referring to the Ministers Association’s representations to the Governor concerning the sale of alcohol on Sundays, I would ask if the Governor was elected by the ministers to represent them. What authority does the church have over the Governor to involve her in their foolishness?

With all the other things happening on this island, why do they want to focus on the matter of what people do on Sundays? Surely their energies would be better expended on what some people are doing the rest of the week. It makes me wonder which God they are serving. If they had a relationship with Jesus Christ, then they would know God the Father. To my knowledge, Grand Cayman has always been a religiously traditional island and all we got was additional religious traditions from the outside world. Look at what has become of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have sat in many congregations and I have yet to hear or see the gospel of Jesus Christ manifested among participants. Everyone has their idea of serving God. The first thing the High Priest said is that you must be born again and then seek the kingdom of heaven, but what I see is people joining church, what I call “day clubs,” when the Bible says we have to join Christ. There is no way that we can take the word of God, ignore what Jesus said, and make it work.

It is said in the scriptures that if anyone comes preaching another gospel, even an angel, let him be accursed. Let me refer you to some forgotten scriptures: John 3:16, Book of Jude, Galatians 3, Romans 1 and Ephesians 5.

Will the true born-again believers please stand up?

Velma Herod

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