A group of puppies abandoned in the Cayman Islands have found instant fame in New York.

The pups – Cordeiro, Mole, Taco and Tamale – were the stars of the show at the ceremonial ringing of the opening bell at the Nasdaq stock exchange in Times Square on Tuesday. Rescued by Cayman Islands charity Canine Friends, the pups were flown to a New York shelter last weekend to be adopted by new homes. They were chosen to take part in the opening bell ceremony for Blue Buffalo pet foods, which lists on the exchange and is promoting a “Home 4 the Holidays” pet adoption campaign.

Casey Keller of Canine Friends said it was thrilling to see the Cayman puppies on the big screen in the Big Apple. “They were born to a yard dog and sent over to us to find them homes,” she said. “We flew them up there last weekend and they were on the television on Tuesday.”

Volunteers in Cayman looked after the pups until they were old enough to travel to the U.S., where Canine Friends partner charity Paws Crossed Animal Rescue will find homes for them. The market bell ceremonies are held to allow listed companies to announce promotions or celebrate corporate milestones and are typically screened on major television networks.

These Cayman pups were the stars of the show at an event in New York, Tuesday, to promote pet adoption.


  1. A wonderful ending for 4 puppies thanks to Cayman’s Canine Friends. This is just a miniscule fraction of the dogs and puppies needing to be rescued from ignorant, uncaring and cruel people here. I also found a puppy along the beach walking toward the street a few years ago. I couldn’t believe my eyes. How can this go on. The cruelty to dogs and horses here is beyond cruel. It’s heinous. Hitler did things like this.

  2. Yes Ms Brown I agree that the cruelty and the care of our four legged friends needs to be addressed along with many more other issues/ problems . Which seems to be not getting the appropriate attention and just being left alone and getting bigger .
    But there’s no reason why the Islands should be over populated with dogs and iguana and lionfish and criminals and what else , if we had the effective leadership in the Cayman Islands Government and Departments .

  3. Good leadership in business, and government is critical for a society to function properly. Sadly with crime numbers here very high, individuals who are anything but honest, and take advantage of their jobs, and the government, goals and objectives cannot be met. Where are our great leaders. Abused, starved, burned and neglected animals on an island this size should be un heard of. The powers that be should have handled and conquered this horrific problem years ago. A concerted effort to find and pay for new quarters for the Humane Society animals and personnel should be a mandate to show that Cayman cares about animals as much as its people. This is not the case now. Maybe it will be soon. Please make donations to the Humane Society if you can. It’s the least, we as humans can do. The penalty for crimes against animals must be harsh and costly to the violators.

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