Charges were not proceeded with against two men who had been accused of carrying on a business without a license.

Raul Gonzales, who operates Blue Water Island Adventure Tours, and David Lyons, who operates Airwaves Watersports, appeared before Magistrate Valdis Foldats on Thursday, when their matters were concluded. Crown counsel Emma Hutchinson said the Crown was not proceeding with charges against the defendants “as long as they have documentation.”

The documentation includes a valid trade and business license plus a “Beach vendor license agreement” with the Ministry of Planning, Lands, Housing and Infrastructure.

Both defendants, and others, had been charged with carrying on a business on Seven Mile Beach without a valid license on a date in September 2016.

For Mr. Gonzales, who had pleaded not guilty, the Crown offered no evidence. The magistrate therefore entered a verdict of not guilty and dismissed the charge.

For Mr. Lyons, who had not yet entered a plea, the Crown withdrew the charge and the magistrate dismissed it.

Attorney Phillip Ebanks, who represented Mr. Gonzalez and others, was asked by the court if he had any comment. “We’re very grateful to have this saga over with,” he replied. The matter had been before the court since March and had been mentioned approximately six times.

The written agreement is several pages long and specifies what the license holder may and may not do. Some of the provisions are as follows:

The license is for the licensee only and his/her employees, if any; the license cannot be shared or re-assigned

The license fee is determined by the Department of Commerce and Investment

The licensee undertakes to keep his area clean and tidy and clear of rubbish; to maintain an attractive display of goods and a courteous service; to display the vendor sign only at the designated space

The licensee is not to cause any nuisance, damage, disturbance, annoyance, inconvenience or interference to the premises or adjoining property, or to visitors or other vendors

Sale of alcohol or any illegal substances is forbidden.

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