Students read through Literacy Week

LIFE's Woody Foster reads to the students.

Erica Greenidge-Daniel said Literacy Week, held Nov. 14-17 in Cayman public schools, makes a difference.

“I’m seeing a renewed interest in not just books, but the children reading different genres,” said Ms. Greenidge-Daniel, lead literacy teacher at Sir John A. Cumber Primary School, about what she was seeing in the classroom last week. “They’re more willing to take a risk and read books they would not normally explore.”

That impact fits with the “Thinking outside the Box!” theme of this year’s Literacy Week.

Part of the week’s activities at Sir John A. Cumber school included a book buffet, where students could find books they might not have considered reading before. The books were laid out in their classrooms and the students were given three eight-minute intervals to read. At the end of each interval, they shifted to the next available book.

Key Stage 2 students took time to read aloud to Key Stage 1 students, and local community leaders dropped by the schools to read to the students.

The week also included story writing activities. At Sir John A. Cumber school, students in the early grades started stories and passed them on to older students, who added to and finally finished the stories. The stories were read during an assembly at the end of the week.

Ms. Greenridge-Daniel said the events emphasized how crucial it is for students to be literate.

Laura McCauley, assistant director of human resources at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, reads to schoolchildren at Sir John A. Cumber Primary School as part of Literacy Week.
Children at Sir John A. Cumber Primary School participate in the book buffet during Literacy Week.

“It’s essential for personal growth and overall development,” she said. “Every year we seek to expose children to bigger and better literary ideas.”

Expanding their minds through reading and writing, she added, “helps develop the future economy of the islands.”

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