Members of the Prospect Community Group cleaned up roadsides in an area of their district recently.

Residents joined district MLA Austin Harris, RCIPS Community Officer PC Christopher Donaldson and Premier Alden McLaughlin’s personal assistant Frank Cornwall to rid Marina Drive, Omega Drive, Mahogany Drive and Victory Avenue of discarded plastic, old food containers, bottles and beer cans that had been strewn along the roadside or in the surrounding ditches and bushes.

By the end of the effort on Saturday, Nov. 24, they had collected 24 bags of garbage, which Mr. Harris transported to the landfill.

“Littering is not only thoughtless and unsightly, it can also create a hazard,” said Mr. Harris. “For example, flooding is a particular concern in parts of Prospect, and as a result of this clean-up effort, we have been able to clear a storm drain in Victory Avenue that was previously blocked with overgrown vegetation.

“As soon as the litter and vegetation was cleared, you could hear the water gushing through the drain where it is supposed to go. This will hopefully lead to residents experiencing less flooding in the immediate area.”

Executive committee chairwoman Sabrina Turner, who helped organize the cleanup, said the Prospect community has a WhatsApp group with close to 200 members, through which such cleanups and other activities are organized. The group had also scheduled another cleanup for Sunday morning, Dec. 3.

Kara Coe and Mark Rickman assist with the cleanup.

She made special mention of husband-and-wife team Carol and Rolphie Braggs, who not only assisted with the cleanup, but provided sandwiches and refreshments for the volunteers as well.

“That’s the kind of spirit we have in our community,” she said. “We are also very grateful for the support received from the National Roads Authority, which provided us with gloves and garbage bags that have been a great help in our effort to get Prospect spruced up for Christmas.”

To contact the Prospect Community Executive Committee, email [email protected] or visit the Prospect Community Facebook page.

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