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100WF hosts ‘Ready to Work’ panel discussion

100 Women in Finance hosted a panel discussion with Prospect MLA Austin Harris and Diane Conolly, National Training and Development Manager at Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman, to address career opportunities for students at the University College of the Cayman Islands.

OfReg executives grilled on fuel prices, broadband quality

OfReg’s ICT executive Alee Fa’amoe has said, based the regulator's current operational trajectory, it will be not be able to meet its mandate of getting better prices at the gas pump nor fasater internet speeds and prices within the next year or two.

OfReg chairman takes aim at audit report

OfReg chairman Linford Pierson went on the offensive Wednesday, taking aim at the auditor general’s performance audit into the local regulator and questioning the report’s validity and its objectivity.
McKeeva Bush looks on as Public Works Department staff work on the new playground in December 2018

Cabinet planning exemptions used to fast-track park projects

Since 2017, 12 properties in Grand Cayman, including the site of the now-abandoned Smith Barcadere redevelopment project, have been granted Cabinet exemptions from planning permission. The exemptions have allowed government to streamline projects championed by legislators, such as community parks, without subjecting them to the standard approval process.

More Caymanians opt for private schools

Enrolment in private schools is increasing as more local parents opt out of placing their children in Cayman’s government-run public schools, the Public Accounts Committee heard last week.

10-point plan to cut congestion

MLA Austin Harris and his Vehicle Imports and Transportation Committee have come up with a number of suggestions to cut vehicle imports and reduce traffic congestion. He sat down with the Cayman Compass to talk us through some of the primary recommendations and why he thinks they could make a difference.

Traffic the ‘number one issue’ for many legislators

For politicians anywhere east of George Town, traffic is the number one issue on the minds of their constituents.

Cap on car imports proposed

Buses for private schools, restrictions on vehicle imports and staggered work hours are among the key recommendations coming out of a government transport committee.

Climate change motion gets the green light

Local legislators have approved a private members’ motion calling for the creation of a climate change policy for the Cayman Islands.

Referendum Bill debate continues

Debate on the Referendum Bill continued in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday with MLAs outlining their position on the $200 million cruise berthing and cargo facility.

6-month amnesty for unlicensed cars

Owners of unlicensed vehicles are getting a six-month amnesty, starting from Monday, during which their unpaid backlog of licensing fees will be waived.

EDITORIAL – Talking traffic: Are we reaching ‘critical mass’?

It is good to see transportation issues rising to this level of awareness after years of slowly deteriorating conditions.

Harris: Cayman has more cars than people

Residents of Grand Cayman can expect much longer traffic delays and even greater road congestion if government does not act quickly, warned Prospect legislator Austin Harris, speaking Thursday before the Legislative Assembly.

Same-sex marriage: What your representative said on the issue

Cayman Islands legislators unanimously backed a private members’ motion last week supporting government to appeal the decision by the chief justice that legalised same-sex marriage to the “full extent of the appeals process”.

PAC members attend London symposium

Public Accounts Committee members Bernie Bush and Austin Harris attended a symposium in London last week that addressed tackling corruption in public spending and identifying wasteful spending.

PAC members attend public spending conference in London

Two members of the Public Accounts Committee, Bernie Bush and Austin Harris, are in London this week to attend a conference on public spending.

‘Fair employment’ bill due in September

Cayman Islands lawmakers finished debating a raft of legal changes to immigration rules Wednesday night, but it appears that legislation is just the start of a major overhaul for the system that now allows the employment of nearly 26,000 foreign workers within the British Overseas Territory.

Official launch of ‘Mobi-Mat’ held

The ‘Mobi-Mat’ will make it easier for people with disabilities and mobility issues to enter the water.

MLA Austin Harris: I have not joined Progressives

Prospect MLA Austin Harris said Monday that he has not joined the Progressives political party, despite taking up the position as that party’s “whip” in Cayman’s government of national unity.

Residents clean up Prospect roadsides

Members of the Prospect Community Group cleaned up roadsides in an area of their district recently.

Daily complaints about taxi and bus drivers

A total of 450 “enforcement actions” have been taken against public bus, tour and taxi operators in the past year, the director of the Public Transport Unit revealed Wednesday.

Campaign donors partially revealed

Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital founder Dr. Steve Tomlinson contributed more than $194,000 to 10 political candidates during the final eight weeks of Cayman’s 2017 general election campaign.

Councilors named for Cayman government

Premier Alden McLaughlin announced on Thursday the assignments of three recently elected legislators as councilors in the Cayman Islands government.

Election over, scramble for gov’t begins

The Cayman Islands voters have had their say. Now it’s time for the 19 people they elected to decide who will run the government for the next four years.

Independents’ day: Coalition government looms

A disparate group of independent candidates triumphed in Wednesday’s general election, but they did not manage to win a 10-seat majority in the Legislative Assembly.

Candidates make last bid for votes

At least three rival rallies will take place across Grand Cayman Tuesday night as the independent candidates, the Cayman Democratic Party and the Progressives make their final pitch to voters before the midnight deadline for all campaigning to stop.

Candidates support leniency on marijuana

The concept of decriminalizing marijuana received universal support from all four candidates at Tuesday evening’s national election debate. Finance Minister Marco Archer and independent candidates Matthew Leslie, Kenneth Bryan and Austin Harris all said they support a more lenient approach when it comes to cannabis.

Prospect election candidates face off in Chamber debate

Petty crime, traffic and jobs for Caymanians were among the big talking points as the three Prospect candidates faced off in the latest pre-election debate.

Record-setting Nomination Day: 63 hopefuls compete for 19 seats

A record 63 candidates will contest the Cayman Islands general election on May 24 after a frantic day of nominations across the country generated some surprises.

Radio host Harris to run in May election

Radio broadcaster Austin Harris announced this week he would be retiring as host of his Star 92.7 FM talkshow to run for office as an independent candidate in the May election.Mr. Harris said in a press release that he intends to run in the Prospect constituency.

Harris, Austin

Austin Harris is an independent candidate for Prospect.
Police tape

EDITORIAL – The secret shame of domestic abuse

The killing of 21-year-old Nichelle Anna-Kay Thomas is a tragedy that could — and should — have been prevented.

Austin Harris admits drunken assault on woman

Radio talk show host Austin Harris escaped without a criminal conviction on Thursday after admitting assaulting a woman at a party.

Radio co-host ‘shocked’ by removal

Different stories abound in the removal of a local radio talk show host.

Second chance for suspended talk show host

Morning talk show host Austin Harris will be back in the anchor chair at Rooster FM on Monday after being given a “second chance” by the radio station following his arrest earlier this year on suspicion of assaulting a woman.

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