Inflatable water park planned for George Town waterfront

Inflatable slides like this one will form part of the 15,000-square-foot water park planned for the George Town waterfront.

A Cayman businessman is seeking permission to station a 15,000-square-foot inflatable water park offshore on the George Town waterfront.

Talbert Tatum has set up the company Oasis Aqua Park and is seeking a coastal works license to station the slides and obstacle course just off the Eden Rock dive shop.

He told the Cayman Compass he had already purchased the equipment and hopes to be up and running by March next year. Mr. Tatum said access to the park would be through Eden Rock.

He said, “The equipment has been here for a while and we are just waiting for the go-ahead from Cabinet.

“I have been planning this for two years. The application went in, in February. Nothing like this has been done before in Cayman, so it is taking a little longer.”

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He said it would be the biggest water park in the Caribbean, visible from the waterfront and to arriving cruise ships.

Mr. Tatum said the site would stretch from the northern end of Eden Rock to close to the Paradise Grill. He said the dive sites off Eden Rock would be unaffected and the area was clear of the regular shipping movements.

“We are not in an area where boat traffic is allowed. It is mostly snorkelers in that area,” he said.

A safety boat will patrol the area in case of emergencies, he said. The equipment can be removed in event of a severe storm but is intended to be moored at the site permanently.

He said the aim was to appeal to cruise ship visitors arriving in George Town, as well as locals:

“There is going to be slides, trampolines, an obstacle course. It is a fun way to get people active and enjoying the ocean.”

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  1. I find it strange that Mr Tatum has bought all the equipment and set up his company before any hearing for the necessary licences. This appears to make a mockery of due process in the Cayman Islands. From what I have oberved a number of the cruise ships operating here already have quite elaborate onboard water slides. If this project goes ahead maybe we should rename our capital ‘Tatty Town”.

  2. I completely agree with you Roger, that this water park makes no sense for cruise ship Tourists attraction and only trashy up the harbour , unless there’s other plans after the license is approved .

    Did we see that the beautiful 7 mile beach ratings has gone from. # 3 to # 25 in the 50 best beaches in the world . What has caused that ? Why can’t the Government see all of these little things that add up to be big things in the future.

  3. Why not purchase the equipment and deploy it prior to government approval or licensing?

    Didn’t those vendors at Public Beach get away with it for several years until they were fined, made to take “Cayman Tourism” classes, and agree to remove their wares daily, and enclose their chairs and inflatables in storage facilities located off the Public Beach?

    Oh yeah, fines rescinded. No enforcement of the laws and continued unsightly storage of chase lounges and inflatables on the beach or in the water…

    What’s one more lawless vendor in Third World Grand Cayman?

  4. C Wood , that’s the stupid precedent that Government set for that kind of behavior , which is bad for the Island and we can blame this smart Government for that .
    I am sure that Mr Tatum has his Lawyer looking into it and there will another eye sore for everyone soon .