Cayman students in London meet with premier

More than 40 Caymanian students met with Premier Alden McLaughlin on Dec. 2 in London. - PHOTO: CAYMAN CONNECTION UNITED KINGDOM

More than 40 Caymanian students spent an evening with Premier Alden McLaughlin on Saturday in an annual London get-together before the holidays, according to a press release from Cayman Connection United Kingdom.

The event, which is hosted at the Cayman Islands government offices in Mayfair, marked the end of a week of meetings and events for Mr. McLaughlin and his delegation, which included Financial Services Minister Tara Rivers, Senior Political Advisor Roy Tatum, Senior Political Advisor Jason Webster, and Cayman Governor Designate Anwar Choudhury.

The Cayman Connection U.K. network ensures that Caymanians in the U.K. are connected and receive support during their time away from home.

At the gathering, Ms. Rivers spoke to students about how to speak confidently to peers about Cayman’s role as a financial center, and how to make informed responses to attacks on the jurisdiction, according to the press release.

Mr. McLaughlin updated the students about what’s going on in Cayman, and encouraged them in their studies.

The talks ended with Mr. Choudhury talking about how excited he is to begin his tenure as Cayman’s governor in March. He assured students that he “stands ready to assist them wherever possible.”

Kate Kandiah, who runs the network, said she was happy with the event’s large turnout.

“This year we welcomed over 10 new students who had not been to this event in previous years,” she stated in the press release. “This shows that our message of support for Cayman students in the U.K. is being heard.

“I commend the Cayman Islands Government for their increasing efforts to help young Caymanians get the absolute best from their tertiary education, and for their continued support for the students while they are far from home.”

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