50 years ago: Abandoned cars

Cayman Compass predecessor, The Caymanian Weekly newspaper ran this photo of an abandoned car in its Feb. 15, 1968 edition.

In a classic case of “the more things change, the more they stay the same,” a story that appeared in the Feb. 15, 1968 copy of The Caymanian Weekly, a precursor to the Cayman Compass, closely echoes last week’s front-page story about cars abandoned on Cayman’s roadsides and the apparent confusion over who is responsible for removing them.

The 1968 story read:

“Our camera has caught another of the many wrecked cars littered by the roadsides of Grand Cayman. This one has been parked for months near where the government has built cottages for expatriate officers on South Church Street.

“There must be some government officers whose job it is to see that these are removed to a proper dumping ground. May we suggest that all wrecks are removed on the authority of the said officer and a bill sent to the owner of the wreck for the service so rendered.”

On a side note, the Compass observed that all four damaged vehicles featured in Thursday’s story had been removed by Saturday.

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  1. I understand about the junk cars been left abandoned 50 years ago . I think that the import disposal fee was also put in place 50 years ago too. But the disrespect for the Islands today by the Government is very far from comprehension says that they don’t care about the appearance of the Islands or enforcing any Laws .

    I applaud the Cayman Compass for bringing this matter to the public attention and shaming the Government to do the right thing .