A man known to the court was remanded in custody Monday after being arrested over the weekend for criminal trespass and interference with a motor vehicle.

The 46-year-old defendant was tested for drug use before his appearance in Summary Court. After the results were positive for cocaine, Magistrate Valdis Foldats indicated there would not be much point having any discussion with someone under the influence of drugs.

Defense attorney John Furniss said, “Unfortunately, I’m not surprised. That has been his problem in the past.”

The magistrate noted from an older file that the defendant had previously been tested for drugs, held in custody, then released, then tested by a psychiatrist who found that he was “incapable of participating in his own defense.”

The magistrate and Mr. Furniss discussed possible options and the attorney said he would not apply for bail.

The magistrate then transferred the charges to the informal Mental Health Court which meets monthly, and remanded the defendant in custody. The Compass is not naming the defendant as the newspaper does not generally identify individuals appearing before the Mental Health Court.

The most recent alleged offense occurred early Friday in West Bay. Police said a man had been found acting suspiciously while trespassing on private property. He appeared to be attempting to gain entry to a vehicle parked there.

He was also charged with two counts of theft relating to incidents which took place last year, both of which involve a quantity of cash being taken from parked vehicles.

He is accused of stealing an unknown amount of money in an incident between Sept. 18-20; and $20 in another incident on Sept. 19.

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