More than 80 family members of the late Ellen and James Ebanks from West Bay came together just before the new year for their sixth family reunion.

The family members who attended the Dec. 30 gathering at the Sir John A. Cumber Primary School Hall were treated to a slideshow of more than 1,750 family photos, an art show by Mark and Matthew Ebanks, family tree trivia, fireworks, hymns, and carol singing.

The day included much socializing and catching up with family members of many generations.

“Our Family Prayers were offered by our young people. It was awesome to see our young people come forward and offer prayers for our family in respect of their grand-, great grand-, great great grand- and even great great great grandparents,” said Eziethamae Bodden, a great granddaughter of “Gramma Ellen” and “Grandpa Jim Jim.”

Born in 1870 and 1873, respectively, James and Ellen had 10 children and 105 grandchildren, and now many more descendents.

Ms. Bodden said several people attended the reunion for the first time, and some traveled from Tampa, Florida. The next reunion is scheduled for Dec. 29, 2018.

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