Amil Regina Cotes-Incinosa appeared in Summary Court on Monday charged with three offenses after a reported stabbing in West Bay in the early hours of Friday, Feb. 16.

The first charge against her, wounding or causing grievous bodily harm with intent to cause such harm, can be dealt with only in the Grand Court, defense attorney John Furniss noted.

There was a second similar charge, he said, and that also would have to go to the higher court. He indicated that the charges reflected two separate encounters between the defendant and the female victim.

A police press release indicated that the defendant, 39, and the complainant were known to each other. The injured woman was transported to hospital where she received multiple stitches before being released.

The first incident between them occurred in the area of Birch Tree Hill Road.

It was not clear where the second incident occurred; no summary of facts was presented.

Crown counsel Darlene Oko indicated she would have concerns about bail if an application were going to be made that day.

Mr. Furniss said he would wait until he received papers in the case, as his client had said she was acting in self-defense.

Magistrate Adam Roberts transmitted the charges to Grand Court, where Ms. Cotes-Incinosa was scheduled to appear on Friday, Feb. 23.

A third charge of carrying an offensive weapon, a knife, was sent up to the higher court along with the other charges. By itself, a charge of carrying an offensive weapon would be dealt with in Summary Court.

The defendant was remanded in custody until Friday or sooner if a bail hearing could be arranged.