Police bust men with 173 conch

Two men found with 173 conch and an undersized lobster in East End’s Colliers Beach were ticketed last week by Royal Cayman Islands Police.

According to police, officers saw the suspects retrieve two bags containing marine life from the seawaters around 3:30 p.m. Saturday, March 3.

The men, a 47-year-old from West Bay and a 38-year-old from George Town, were also found with a speargun.

They were ticketed for taking lobster out of season, taking lobster under the prescribed size, taking more than the prescribed limit of conch and possession of an unlicensed speargun.

“The depletion of marine life anywhere on the island is a serious issue that can have negative effects for years to come,” said RCIPS Inspector Winsome Prendergast.


  1. I can remember 35 years ago going out on the North Sound. One could jump in the water and find dozens of conch in a short while. Now one has to search to see even one.

    Same with the fish on the reef.
    You could dive on Eden Rock and be surrounded by yellow tail snapper and sergeant majors.
    All gone.

    It’s easy to look at a field and see that the trees and grass are alive or dead.
    But the ocean looks the same on the surface. It’s only when you look under the surface that you realize what we have lost.

  2. We have a number of residents here who seen to think our marine laws do not apply to Caymanians. They not only regularly break the law but in doing so exhibit pure greed and ignorance,and complete contempt for preserving our marine heritage.
    Only a few are caught as there is very limited enforcement of our laws due to budgetary constraints, so this case is just the tip of the iceberg. Stocks of conch and lobster have increased year by year in protected areas only to be wiped out in a matter of days by these lowlives.
    The only way to prevent this is to jail these people for the maximum allowed by law, otherwise they will consistently re-offend.

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