The new owner of a janitorial service had all charges withdrawn on Thursday after the Crown confirmed that more than $35,000 owed to employees had been paid.

Defense attorney Karin Thompson had told the court in January that her client, Waynette Wright-Hall, had purchased the business, Cleaning Connection. She undertook to pay monies due to employees for public holiday pay, overtime and the national minimum wage. It was then hoped that the Crown would review the matter and withdraw the charges.

This week, Crown counsel Greg Walcolm confirmed that the total amount of $35,033.38 had been paid.

Charges had originally been laid against the former owners of the business, Josephine and Jonathan Ebanks, but they had left the island and were never served.

There were 32 charges in relation to each of the three offenses.

A summary of the case indicated that employees had agreed to work in excess of the standard 45-hour week without overtime.

After the minimum wage law went into effect, on March 1, 2016, the employer failed to amend employees’ contracts, so they were still being paid $5 per hour instead of $6.

In addition to the charges against the former owners, Ms. Wright-Hall faced three charges of failure to produce documents required by the Director of Labour and Pensions.

With payment confirmed for all employees, the Crown withdrew all charges and the case was concluded.

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