A man who hit his son with a belt was sentenced on Wednesday after pleading guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

The harm consisted of bruises and marks on the leg and buttocks of the boy, who was 8 years old at the time.

Crown counsel Greg Walcolm said that when the man was interviewed by police, he was shown photos of the injuries. He told officers he expected to see the bruises because he had spanked the boy with a belt.

He said that was the way he had been raised and it had made him the success he was in his field of work today. He felt that the way he acted had been appropriate in the circumstances.

When officers asked him whether there was any other way to discipline, he said he had tried other methods, such as taking away privileges.

Mr. Walcolm said the boy lived with his mother and grandparents. The boy left his juice box in the yard instead of disposing of it properly. The grandfather called the defendant to discipline the boy, complaining about his bad behavior.

The defendant went to where the boy lived and took him to his own home. The boy fought him and called him a rude name. He hit the boy with the belt approximately 12 times and took him back to his home.

A summary of the incident said the boy reported that he was not able to walk normally because of pain. He took a shower and went to bed. His grandmother saw what was wrong and called his mother; his mother called police.

Defense attorney Philip Rule told Magistrate Grace Donalds that since the incident, the defendant had completed group counseling sessions with the Family Resource Centre.

Mr. Rule asked that his client be discharged. He said the man was willing to attend further counseling to assist him in identifying alternative strategies and methods for discipline.

The magistrate granted a conditional discharge, one condition being a recognizance in the sum of $1,500 as a bond to keep the peace and be of good behavior for 12 months. The other condition is to participate in individual counseling at the Family Resource Center.


  1. How can Judges do two different type of probationary sentence ? probation and monetary probation . So if the dad complies with all conditions ordered , he should be able to get his $1,500 back after 12 months . Another place where you have so many different rules .

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