Adopted British woman seeks Cayman connections

Peter and Margaret Harris, son-in-law and daughter of (Kay) Marion Price-Nicholson

A couple living in the U.K. has made an appeal to find relatives of Irwin Moralis Nickelson, who died in Cayman Brac in 1998. It is believed that Mr. Nickelson was married to Marion Price, who was the mother of Margaret Wendy Harris.

Mrs. Harris was adopted at the age of six weeks and was led to believe that her birth mother had died shortly after, although this was later proved to be incorrect. Mrs. Harris and her husband Peter have been attempting to trace Mrs. Harris’s family history. Through research they have carried out, they believe Mrs. Harris’s late mother was Mr. Nickelson’s second wife.

The Harrises say Marion Price was married to Mr. Nickelson in Stepney, London, and the marriage lasted three years. Ms. Price went by the name Kay Marion Nicholson on the marriage certificate, with a distinct difference in the way that the surname is spelled.

Mrs. Harris believes it is possible that family members of Mr. Nickelson still live in Cayman and is asking that anyone who may have been related to him, or who may know someone who is, to reach out to her.

“I realise that it is very much a long shot but it is possible that there are relatives of Mr. Nickelson (Nicholson) living in the Cayman Islands who may have memories or records of my birth mother’s relationship with him – possibly even photographs,” said Mrs. Harris in an email. “It would be absolutely wonderful if I could see a picture of her because the one photograph I do have is from when she was very young and that has not been positively identified in any event.”

Mr. Nickelson and his parents are buried in Creek Cemetery in Cayman Brac. His father, Henry Thomas Nickelson, passed away in 1967 and his mother, Hilda Adina McLean Nickelson, in 1975. Birth records state that Irwin Moralis Nickelson was one of nine children born to Henry Thomas.

Anyone who may have information regarding relatives of Mr. Nickelson are asked to email [email protected]

The memorial headstone of Irwin Moralis Nickelson, who died in 1998, is at the Creek cemetery on Cayman Brac.

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