A company that owns property in the Spotts area of Grand Cayman was brought to court this week for failing to comply with a maintenance of land notice.

The charge was failing to effect necessary repairs or demolish buildings, remove refuse and derelict vehicles, and tidy surrounding land.

Attorney Andrew Jackson appeared before Magistrate Valdis Foldats on Tuesday on behalf of the company, Universal Securities Ltd. He explained that there were no company directors or shareholders present at the court hearing this week, as no company representatives resided in the Cayman Islands.

Guilty plea

Mr. Jackson told the court that he was authorized to enter a plea for the company and he replied “guilty” when details of the charge were read to him.

He described Universal Securities as “a good corporate citizen.” When the matter was brought to his law firm’s attention, “as soon as we were able to get a contractor, it was taken care of,” he said.

The court file included the charge and a copy of the notice, sent under the Development and Planning Law.

The magistrate was also given photos of the property. The photographs showed the condition of the building on the site, as well as overgrown greenery and several WaveRunners.

Site now in satisfactory condition

Crown counsel Eleanor Fargin confirmed to the court that the property was now in satisfactory condition, with only the Wave­Runners to be removed.

The magistrate said it appeared that, essentially, the landowner was unaware of the difficulty surrounding the property, but as soon as the company learned of it, the matter was taken care of.

Ms. Fargin said the Crown was not opposed to Mr. Jackson’s application to have no conviction recorded.

Magistrate Foldats imposed a $200 costs order.

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