Two people charged with the 2015 robbery of Mitzi’s Fine Jewelry were remanded in custody on Friday afternoon after Justice Stephen Hellman found them guilty.

Madeinys Ebanks-Pol, 39, and Adrian Adela Gea, 32, had pleaded not guilty to the charge that on Nov. 18, 2015, at the store on West Bay Road, they stole jewelry valued at approximately $516,201 belonging to Mitzi Callan, and that they did so by using force against a named person, the clerk in the store.

Justice Hellman said he was satisfied that Mr. Gea was the robber and that Ms. Ebanks-Pol was the lookout, who also supplied Mr. Gea with the motor vehicle used in the robbery and license plates.

The judge did not give his full reasons, but said he would supply them in writing. He had conducted the trial without a jury, as the defendants elected.

Mr. Gea was also charged with possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit an offense. On this count, the judge found him not guilty. He said he was satisfied so that he was sure Mr. Gea did have something that looked like a firearm when he was in the store.

“I cannot be satisfied that it was only an imitation. Unsatisfactory though that may be as a basis for an acquittal, it is one I feel logically impelled to,” the judge explained.

Defense attorneys Nicholas Dixey, who represented Mr. Gea, and Keva Reid, who represented Ms. Ebanks-Pol, asked that social inquiry reports be prepared for their clients before sentencing. The judge agreed and set Thursday, May 24 for sentencing.

The case for the prosecution was conducted by Crown counsel Scott Wainwright.

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