Police released this image of the Glock 17 and ammunition found at the Websters' home. - Photo: RCIPS

A husband and wife in custody since last Wednesday appeared in Summary Court Monday, when the woman was granted bail on firearm charges and the man was remanded in custody.

Elton David Webster, 31, and Eliza Eunice Webster, 28, were arrested and charged jointly with possession of an unlicensed Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol loaded with nine rounds of nine-millimeter ammunition, plus a box with 50 more bullets of the same caliber, Crown counsel Toyin Salako said.

She objected to bail on the basis of the nature and seriousness of the charge, noting the quantity of ammunition and the model of gun, a type police had not recovered here before.

Ms. Salako told Magistrate Adam Roberts that police executed a search warrant at the Websters’ home in Savannah on April 11. In the kitchen, behind a microwave oven, officers found a plastic bag. Inside the bag was a towel, in which the gun was wrapped. The box of bullets was in the same area.

A photo showed the microwave oven removed from a built-in cabinet, with a ledge in the wall.

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When the items were found, Mrs. Webster denied any knowledge of them, Ms. Salako related. She said Mr. Webster told officers words to the effect, “I will take it all.”

He suggested that someone had planted the items in the house. The Websters had purchased the house two years ago and had not changed any of the appliances.

The magistrate asked if anyone else lived at the address. He was told just the family’s children. A helper who came daily did not live at the premises.

She was arrested, but subsequently granted bail by police and she did not appear in court. A police press release about the incident described the woman as being 50 years old and of a George Town address.

Defense attorney Lee Halliday-Davis advised the court that both Mr. and Mrs. Webster were employed full time and neither had any previous conviction. Mrs. Webster had denied knowledge of the firearm from the very beginning and Mr. Webster also denied knowledge.

The attorney said she understood there was no forensic evidence to attach either defendant to the gun. The gun was found in a concealed area, she pointed out.

Mrs. Webster’s mother was prepared to put up a surety for both defendants, the attorney advised. She suggested $10,000 each.

Ms. Salako said that was not enough. She pointed out that the gun was in good condition and it was not reasonable to suggest it had been planted two years ago.

Ms. Halliday-Davis asked permission to speak to Mrs. Webster’s mother, who was at the back of the court. She returned and said the woman had confidence that her daughter and son-in-law would appear in court as directed, and she would put up any amount of the value of her own home for their bail.

The magistrate inquired about forensic evidence and was told that an expert would be traveling to Cayman to examine the items for DNA and fingerprints. Ms. Salako thought there might be preliminary results before the end of next week.

The magistrate noted that a gun of this description had not been found on the streets of Cayman before.

He said he could distinguish between Mr. and Mrs. Webster insofar as Mr. Webster had made what could be construed as a partial admission in exonerating his wife.

He granted bail to Mrs. Webster with conditions that included a surety in the sum of $30,000; a curfew from 9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.; and daily reporting to police.

He remanded Mr. Webster in custody and set the next mention date for Thursday, April 26.

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