Police: Jamaican returns after prison sentence

A man who pleaded guilty in 2016 to his part in a conspiracy to import 194 pounds of ganja to Cayman is believed to have illegally returned to the islands, Royal Cayman Islands Police said Monday.

Marlon Crowe

Marlon Crowe, 36, of Jamaica – not to be confused with the Caymanian man of the same name – was deported from Cayman last October, according to police.

“[He] is believed to have returned to the islands illegally,” an RCIPS statement issued Monday read. “Anyone who sees Mr. Crowe should exercise caution as he could be potentially dangerous.” Mr. Crowe pleaded guilty, along with two Caymanians, in 2016 to conspiracy to import ganja. The three were found not guilty of possessing an illegal firearm.

The three were found on Feb. 4, 2016 adrift some 20 miles off the coast of East End, Grand Cayman, according to court records. Police found 16 packages of ganja that also contained a firearm and 64 rounds of ammunition aboard the boat after it was towed to shore.

All three men told the court they had no knowledge of the firearm and ammo and the trial judge found there was no forensic evidence linking any of the men to the gun.

Royal Cayman Islands Police officers said they could not publicly give reasons for why they believed Mr. Crowe to be “potentially dangerous” without compromising ongoing investigations, but noted he had come here illegally and has a previous criminal record.

RCIPS also noted there is no information available to suggest Mr. Crowe is wanted in his home country.

Defense attorney Crister Brady advised the court at the time that Mr. Crowe had no previous conviction in Cayman or in Jamaica at the time.

“He considered the trip to be a one-off to make some money,” the attorney said.

Trial Judge Charles Quin said he did not doubt other people were involved in the drug shipment both in Jamaica and Cayman. Justice Quin said because the three men pleaded guilty, they would get some additional time off their sentences.

Mr. Crowe was sentenced to two years, 10 months in prison in October 2016.

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