Economics and Statistics Office conducting labor and business surveys

The Economics and Statistics Office is conducing two surveys – its spring labor force survey and the mandatory business survey.

The spring labor force survey began on Sunday, and entails the ESO collecting data on employed and unemployed persons in the Cayman Islands, as well as those who are not in the labor force.

Approximately 1,500 randomly selected households are scheduled for participation in this survey.

Trained interviewers will administer an electronic questionnaire.

The business survey is mandatory and began on April 9. The survey seeks to gather data to estimate the total value of goods and services produced by the different industries in the territory.

It will also gather data to determine the territory’s balance of payments, which measures total payment of residents to and receipts from the rest of the world.

The business survey ends on June 1.

The ESO stated that all survey returns are confidential, as mandated by the Statistics Law, and are exempt from the Freedom of Information Law.

“The survey returns will be used exclusively for ESO’s statistical purpose,” the agency stated. “ESO officials emphasize that the survey results will be published in aggregate form only, with all individual information remaining confidential.”

For further information on any aspect of the survey or results of previous surveys, contact the Economics and Statistics Office at 516-3329 or 949-0940, or visit

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