Letter: Pulling together for the Brac DG’s 5K Challenge

A wonderful event on the Brac, the DG’s 5K Challenge this past Sunday!

Looking at the photos of the race – all the Brackers joining in the beautiful community effort – is evidence that Cayman Brac is a blessed place in Cayman.

Thanks to Lizzette Yearwood, to Dr. Srirangan Velusamy, director of the Sister Islands Health Services, to Faith Hospital’s valiant EMS rescuers on the Brac, to MLA Moses Kirkconnell and all the elderly and “wellderly” Brackers and very young girls and boys who ran and made their mark in Brac history and joy in 2018.

When world events have us worrying about our dear ones’ lives, it is wonderful to witness (even in photos) the joy of a small community of people pulling together and racing for their own health and well-being.

Nan Socolow

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