Community meeting held at Newlands

Residents of North Sound Estates met with community leaders, RCIPS officers, and Newlands MLA Alva Suckoo Monday to discuss crime, delays in garbage collections, hurricane preparedness, and derelict vehicles in the area.

Inspector Courtney Myles, who supervises the community policing division, attended the meeting at the Savannah United Church Hall, along with police officers involved in the RCIPS’s community policing scheme.

Thirty-seven residents attended, as well as Heather Bodden, a former candidate for Savannah district, and former Minister of Financial Services Wayne Panton, both of whom were involved in the creation of the Neighborhood Watch.

Among the requests made to police was for the installation of a CCTV camera at the Newlands Barcadere car park, on the end of Leeward Drive. The police officers said it is something that could be achieved relatively quickly.

“The community and neighborhoods have really come together,” said Carole Broadbelt, one of the founders of the Neighborhood Watch. “Our neighborhood has achieved so much in such a short time.”

North Sound Estates has also set up a 65-member WhatsApp alert group to increase communication to help combat crime in the area.

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