Artist Randy Chollette launches solo exhibition at National Gallery

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is featuring a new contemporary art exhibition titled “Create Your Story … Water the Root” by artist Randy Chollette. This new series of work is a part of a journey that the artist is taking to reaffirm his direction in life.

Drawing on his lifelong connection to the past, his roots and ancestry, Chollette has conducted extensive research into original peoples, religions and rituals. The resulting creations act as witness to his passage from one truth to a second, deeper spiritual plane, reconfirming what he had always known: that it is his history and his roots that guide him whenever he feels like he has lost his way.

Born and raised in the Cayman Islands, Chollette is an intuitive, self-taught artist whose Rastafarian beliefs are firmly woven into the style and theme of his paintings. He moves confidently between realism and abstraction and his work is distinguishable by its signature black outlined mosaic configurations.

A core member of the Native Sons collective, Chollette has been widely recognized for his work. He was featured on the cover of the Horizons magazine while still at high school and subsequently went on to win the Kensington Lott Fine Arts Blue “Best in Show” (2001), the McCoy Prize “People’s Choice” award (2003), and the McCoy Prize (2004). He has exhibited extensively in the Cayman Islands and his work can be found in many public and private collections. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition at the National Gallery.

“We are excited to support Randy by inviting him to show this new series, which is a both a departure from and a step towards perfecting his ‘stained glass’ technique,” says gallery director Natalie Urquhart. “In essence, these paintings are a visual diary of a deeply personal exploration. The conclusion of the journey being the remarkable painting ‘Queen.’”

The exhibition, which has been supported by Jeep and Car City, runs until May 31 and admission is free.

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‘Bobo. Warrior’

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