A young man charged with burglary at a commercial premises told police he was “framed” with his own blood, Magistrate Kirsty-Ann Gunn heard when the matter came before her on Friday.

Crown counsel Garcia Kelly explained the case against Othneil Hezekiah Williams, 21, including the fact that blood at the scene contained DNA that was consistent with the defendant’s.

Mr. Kelly said police received a report that sometime over the night of March 8-9, 2018, a shop at West Shore Plaza was broken into. The store manager discovered that someone had broken a glass window and entered the premises. There were drops of blood near the broken window and inside the shop. A scene-of-crime officer recovered samples of the blood from which DNA was obtained and then compared to DNA profiles in Cayman’s databank.

Mr. Williams was apprehended at his residence on April 18 and told police, “I did nothing.” He denied breaking into the shop and said he was home sleeping. He indicated that if his blood was there it was because someone was trying to “frame” him. He said he drains his blood and had left some in a cup at a “hangout spot.”

An officer noticed a wound on Mr. Williams’s hand and asked how he got it. The defendant said it was from a splinter he got at work. Mr. Kelly described the location of a safe on the premises and how it was removed. The owner reported that it had contained US$16,050.25. The owner also reported viewing CCTV and seeing three persons in different parts of the premises as the burglary was taking place.

Defense attorney John Furniss referred to aspects of the burglary that made it sound professional. That suggested knowledge beyond what Mr. Williams would have, he told the court. He agreed that his client was on a recently imposed suspended sentence supervision order, but lived at home with his parents and worked six days a week in construction.

The magistrate remanded the defendant in custody and Mr. Furniss said he would go to the Grand Court for bail.

Meanwhile, the matter was set to be mentioned again in Summary Court on Tuesday, April 24.

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