Cayman Academy donates to local charities

Top student collectors in the Cayman Academy Charity Drive with, back row, from left, Sofia Barrett-Hamilton, Samantha Conolly, Carol Gould-Best, Jewel Meikle and Tiffany Conolly.

Cayman Academy school found good use for funds collected during a student charity drive on Friday.

At a special school assembly, $4,311.50 was presented to Tiffany Conolly for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and $1,132.56 went to Samantha Conolly for the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Association.

Samantha Conolly described the generous donation as “heartwarming, especially considering that the funds were all raised by children at the school,” while Tiffany Conolly thanked the students for helping the Cancer Society to help others, some of whom were children themselves battling cancer.

Jennifer Weber, operations manager at the Cancer Society said the donation will be used to continue to assist cancer patients. She said last year the Cancer Society assisted a record 300 financial aid patients to the tune of more than $400,000.

“It’s a privilege to partner with these two agencies in helping to alleviate the financial stress brought to bear on the patients and their family members with Cancer and Alzheimer’s,” said Sofia Barrett-Hamilton, coordinator for Cayman Academy charities.

Eight students were honored by the school at the morning’s assembly for having collected more than $100 each. Among top collectors were Year 5 students Roger Alex Johnson II, who collected $650; Gabrielle Coleman, $432; and Kevario Harding, $149.75. Year 5 was ranked as the class with the highest contribution, at $1,247.75.

“The teachers and I are proud of the stellar performance of the student body, parents, and our church community in soliciting funds for both charities. It goes to show what kind of impact we can have when we work together,” said Principal O’Neil Duncan.

According to the school, Cayman Academy has consistently made substantial annual donations to the Cancer Society. This year, the school broadened its efforts to include the Alzheimer’s Association as part of a general charity drive.

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